Friday, March 31, 2023

Buffalo Heard ~OR~ Fun Friday AM

 I leave my Blog Reading friends this morning with another true stirring tale from my life: I was riding my horse along with a friend, Terry,  from back east who was riding one of our ranch’s “dude” horses. We rode next to the fence of a large bison ranch, Terry looked out across the pasture and saw a whole lot of buffalo roaming the range.

“Look at that big bunch of buffalo,” said Terry.

Me: “Don’t say bunch, say herd.”

Terry: “Heard what?”

Me: “Herd of buffalo.”

Terry: “Sure I’ve heard of buffalo.”

Me:  “No... you don’t understand, a buffalo herd.”

Terry, “Heard what?”

Me: “Nothing, a buffalo herd!” 

Terry: “I don’t care what a buffalo heard. I said nothing I’m ashamed of.”

Me: “I didn’t mean it heard you. I meant a buffalo herd.”

Terry: “What did the buffalo hear?”

Me: “Nothing, you ass-clown!!!!!”

Terry: “What are you yelling at me for? I didn’t say anything bad that the buffalo heard.”

Me: “Not heard, you turd, herd!”

Terry: “Heard what?”

Pause . . . . . . . 

Me: (SIGH) “That big bunch of buffalo over there walking along.”

Terry:  I might be a city boy, but cowboys make no sense.

ME: (RESIGNEDLY) What do you expect? We live in fly-over country. We aren’t wise and discerning like you east and west coasters.

Terry: “Hey, we don’t coast. We move fast.”

Me: CLICK . . . BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great story - English sure has some super homophones -
    try everyday Japanese or even more well-known: the Chinese story of "The Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den" using only the word "shi"

    1. boron, glad I'm merican, so I don't have to worry bout "shi"s.


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