Saturday, February 18, 2023

R.I.P. Raquel ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style ~ AM


Thanks Flappr


  1. More beautiful and sexier with her clothes on than any of the current crop of Hollywood scrunts. Not to mention, a true supporter of America.

  2. She was a lady, I think.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  3. Never thought she was all that gorgeous, although, in her middle years, she certainly learned to act.

    Fun fact: Her first screen appearance was in the 3rd season opener of The Virginian where she had a one-liner.

    1. edutcher, I always thought she was gorgeous. The Virginian? I did not know that.

  4. A lass with class and sass. Sorry, couldn't resist. I always thought that she was stuck in roles that limited what could have been a much greater career. Sort of like Marilyn. She seemed like a part of the scenery in many of her movies, unless you watched her in Niagara with Joe Cotton. The director helped make her not just a sex symbol, but truly an actor in an important film that used the Falls as part of the movie, and not just scenery.
    Two beautiful women, whose talents went under the radar, undermined by their sex appeal. RIP, Raquel.


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