Sunday, May 1, 2022

Fun Comes But Twice a Funday ~ This is One


It's our job!

I can see Sheldon telling this joke.

I was quick in my yute, but knowing the pain was worse if I ran ...

Hot babes at the Comic Con.

This never gets old.

I missed my 50th 8 years ago.

He's a natural.

Wives ... you'll never learn.

True Story!

I loves me some liberal tears.

Thanks FBers


  1. I need to go search for that ceiling fan now. Thanks Odie

  2. Glad I had sat down my cuppa and swallowed before I got to the last one!
    Ceiling fan - how my mom ended up with green linoleum in the kitchen. Dad called, she didn't go, so he got what he liked.

    1. Judy, we guys do that you know. We're afraid to make that decision but finally do ... and it's wrong. BUT, how can you go wrong with helicopters?

  3. Here is the man creating the helicopter from a motorcycle tank. He does quite a artistic job fabricating it.


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