Sunday, November 21, 2021

It's FUNDAY! ~ 2

 Thanks FBers


  1. I used to drive a bulk liquid O2 tanker and on warm days it naturally vents at the back of the trailer and as O2 is about -362 degrees F. It condensates at the end of the vent to water vapor. I would have karens and kens calling the state police or local police and even trying to wave me over gushing I was losing product and chemicals all over the highway... If I was losing LOX over the highway, they would name the crater after me. LOX and asphalt do not mix except explosively. Goes to show they breath, they vote and they procreate. Idiots one and all...

    1. Cederq, I love leaving my fresh water tank drain open, on my motorhome, just to hear the Karens. I love putting Karen's panties in a bind. Best way to drain a tank, for winter, driving on these mountain roads.

    2. That will drain them and remove any sediment. I have drained by grey water tank on the side of the road which is legal and have had karens threatening to call the cops for polluting.


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