Thursday, October 28, 2021

Let's Bring On Another Libturd Thursday ~ 2


Thanks FBers


  1. I have once again been moved to verse and re-wrote the lyrics to Marty Robbins "Big Iron" as a tribute to Alec Baldwin and called it "Big Rust" (see what I did there?). I would like to share it with the readers here. Should I just paste it in the comments?

    1. Mikey, where can I find it? I'm old ... "see what I did there" ... where is there?

    2. I was making a pun out of rust to iron. Here it is - I wrote it myself, use it however you want

      Big Rust - Sung to the music of Marty Robbins “Big Iron”
      (AKA 4 Rules)

      On a film set to be called “Rust” was a Libtard one fine day
      About gun control and Donald Trump he’d had a lot to say
      No media would doubt him
      The Dems all had his back
      And never pointed out that
      He’s an untalented hack
      Untalented hack

      For responsible people there are 4 simple rules
      You never violate them because guns are only tools
      With fast cars, cash, and guns
      You must be careful what you do
      Because you know that end results
      Are reflections of you
      Reflections of you

      There was real live ammunition on the movie set that day
      For an idiotic movie no one would see anyway
      If you can’t tell blanks from live rounds
      You won’t know what to do
      You must have the sight and insight
      Of that old Mr. Magoo
      Old Mr. Magoo

      Now the Libtard had the six gun that he didn’t think to clear
      The way we all were taught to by the folks that held us dear
      No one dared to tell him he’s wrong
      On his ass they kept their lips
      With his brain turned off he drew
      And started shooting from the hip
      Shooting from the hip

      Now down range was a lady who had never harmed a soul
      And the very last thing she saw was an ignorant asshole
      Our thoughts are with her family
      And all the people harmed
      By a washed up has been actor
      Who has lost his looks and charm
      Lost his looks and charm

      Now the press all gathers round him and will try to shift the blame
      But I don’t think the real Sheriff has made plans to play that game
      I see cuffs in Alec's future
      I don’t mean the fuzzy kind
      And the all important 4 rules
      Let this help you keep in mind
      Help you keep in mind

      4 rules, 4 rules
      And the all important 4 rules let this help you keep in mind
      Help you keep in mind

  2. Regarding 3, ever get the feeling Brandon is the Arec Barwin of politics?

    And Buckwheat.

    1. edutcher, which one of the two are you insulting? And the answer is yes.


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