Wednesday, August 11, 2021

A Skip Day today ~ 1


Awaiting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stepping down from his post in 14 days.

Thanks Skip


  1. Hypocrisy Be Thy Name Democrats!

    Hypocrisy, like racism, has become the new gold standard of Living of the Democratic Party in America. But will will not see any outrage, no one will be really upset about it anymore. It’s simply a given that the face of the elites own rules and standards.
    Lets take a look at the events of the past several monts to prove my point.
    Most recently we saw the “Maskless” 500 Guest Birthday Bash of the Century at Good Ole Barrack Obama’s Mansion at Martha's Vineyard, and what do you know, the Magnificent Former President Barrack Hussain Obama was seen Dancing Without a Mask. Where a report was issued that there was a “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” RULE for the event.

    As was Rashida Tlaib having a Grand Old Time dancing, and whirling, and Laughing without a mask around on a crowded, and maskless, wedding dance floor When the Centers for Disease Control rules calls for INDOOR MASKING.

    Did was the very same Rashida Tlaib who trashed Dr. Rand Paul for not taking COVID seriously in his own state
    But the Sanctimoniousness Rashida Tlaib had NO Quams about doing it at for her own entertainment..

    Then of course there is the Governor of New York “who couldn’t find ANY reason to disbelieve the proven LIAR Christine Blasey Ford who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually harassing 11 women. Remember wheb he (Cuomo) said at the time of the Kavanaugh hearings “WE OWE IT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THESE SURVIVORS” And they even hired people to help discredit Justice Kavanaugh’s witnesses. .
    And did I mention that one of the people hired to portray them as liars was Roberta Kaplan, of “TIME’S UP,” an organization that was supposed to expose sexual assault and harassment in the workplace?

    And how can forget Fancy Nancy Pelosi, who had a very important Hair Appointment during the SHUT DOWN of ALL Hair Salons , who managed to get herself a Cut and Blowout in a Salon that was supposed to be CLOSED ! Or was it just CLOSED to the rest of the public because of the COVID Shut Downs?

    And then there was California’s Governor Gavin Newsom having a Grand Old time with a DOZEN friends Maskless and dining the VERY pricy French Laundry restaurant in the Wine County of San Francisco..

    These people have no idea what it’s like to be a regular person who wakes up every day and goes to work. Who has been struggling to keep their Salons, Restaurants, Gyms, and Fitness Studio’s open when the elite Politicians Close them.
    It shows they’re elitist, and we’re just LITTLE PEONS who are supposed to do whatever they tell us to do.
    Somebody had to say what Dr. Rand Paul said, and I glad that he had the Chutzpah to say it.

    1. Frank, thank you and that's why I posted Rand Paul.

  2. Actually, people started calling Zippy Halfa Cracka about halfway through his malAdministration.

  3. Haha. So much truth here.
    Thanks, Odie. God bless.

    1. LindaG, never let anyone tell you different ... LOL!


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