Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lots of Libturds in the Old Folder ~ Morning Edition

It's been brought to my attention that I'm a lazy
Jack-Ass for not fact checking these Libturd 
Posts. Well, so be it, I can identify with that.
I'm a 73 year old man that moved into a place
that's requiring my attention to make it mine.
You know, the Woodsterman has to have his
woodshop. So, please indulge this
Lazy Old Jack-Ass.

Thanks Facebookers


  1. Yes, and I love the Privilege Loaf.

    PS You and The Blonde are the same age. Wish she had a little more of your view on life.

  2. edutcher, is your blonde too serious like my blonde?

  3. Woodie - I'm 74 & in the same boat - now have a 30'X 30' 2 story barn (only 25 years old & in great shape). Love your work, if you ever get to Maine come by & we can make some sawdust. Please keep up the great work. Address below is now pfs@bluerock-maine.com.

  4. Soper Road, That's huge. I went from a two car garage to an 8' x 15' shed that I built myself. I just finished painting the inside. There's no way all of my tools will fit in that small space. I'll have to be very selective.

    Maine is a bit far from here ... 3000 miles. You can see my progress here: https://dustnlint.blogspot.com/


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