Thursday, April 9, 2020

Libturd Thursday ~ Morning Edition

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  1. And they wonder why we loathe muzzies.

  2. Andy Cuomo forgot one.

    He continued to let in people from Red China and Europe after he knew there was a disease thus making his state the epicenter because open borders.

  3. Curmudgeon, deport everyone of them!

  4. edutcher, there is no convincing a liberal this could have been much better.

  5. The Democrats are now actually slamming the President because President Trump has been recommending the use of Hydroxychloroquine if their Doctor recommends it. The Democrats would be fine with someone having an abortion because it may interfere with their life style, but they are against the use of a drug that may save someones life!

    This is unbelievable, it’s as If our president said that oxygen is crucial, and critical for our lungs to function, some liberal lunatics would say to try and hold your breath longer! The hatred that the Socialist Left have for our president really actually appears to be that intense.. And with that hatred, severe stupidity is the result for these morons. IT’S VERY SAD, BUT VERY PREDICTABLE, AND VERY TRUE!

    Are they afraid that someone in a critical condition might possibly be saved?
    Maybe we should make it a rule that NO LIBERAL, NO DEMOCRAT, NO PROGRESSIVE, AND NO TRUMP HATER should be allowed even a single dose of any medication he/she/it has denounced. No matter how near death they may be! Because the drug hasn’t been 100 percent approved as yet, but almost EVERY doctor is prescribing it, and using it because it seems to be working and saving lives.

    Trump is already going to go down as one of if not the greatest POTUS' in history. If you don't know why you're not paying attention, and you're ignorant of economics and history.
    The left seems to have their panties in a bunch over hydroxychloroquine, because Trump is promoting its potential benefits. One of the left's complaints is Trump may have a financial interest in this drug. So what if he does? It only goes to show how smart he is!
    The Progressives blame Trump for this horrible epidemic. China said the US military was the source of the virus. And you Progressive Morons think that we can trust China!

    I can’t stand these idiots how come none of them talk about the fact that CHINA and Soros did this to destroy our country they make me sick I know some of these morons are loving this whole thing I can’t stand any of them and don’t want to talk or be near any of these freakin sheep idiots
    I’ve got to say that I’ve got some Lefty friends, and none of them seem to be as deranged as that Progressive blogger is.
    So the bottom line is that she must be Insane !
    Apparently everything that the Democrats say is exactly the opposite of the truth.

    The Nutty Left would rather believe Morning Mike Scarborough, and Mika for suspecting Trump's financial interest in hydroxychloroquine, then in saving lives.
    Are the Democrats REALLY that Dumb, and Stupid to Oppose HydroxyChloroquine Only Because Trump is Supporting Using It?

  6. The Godfather, WOW ... You got quite excited there for a moment. Welcome to Woodsterman, and may you be a regular. Tomorrow the topics are more humorous.

    I love a guy that's passionate.

  7. The Godfather said it all for not even get me started.

  8. Kathe W, get you started? Whatcha have in mind.


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