Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy Funday Everbuddy Part 1

Thanks Facebooksters


  1. The man with the hair hat reminds me of something I saw back in the eightys on the factory floor of a famous, three-letter speaker manufacturer. The guy had his hair cut in the shape of a speaker cone and when he bent over you could see the famous three letters shaved in the dome! Coolest thing I ever saw!

  2. Mac, I modeled the top of my head after a famous ice skating rink.

  3. I had a dentist in the navy named Commander Will Hurt.

  4. Dog on the cabinets for the win.

  5. naw, he pulled 4 wisdom teeth by 10, and I was back on the flight line by 1400.

    high as a kite, but I was back on the flight line!

  6. Allen, I think I was 40 when mine came out. I was driven home and went to bed.


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