Sunday, July 21, 2019

Happy Funday Every 2

Thanks Again Facebookers


  1. I once worked with a guy who used a lift like that. Not sure if he's still around. 🤣 I also want one of those sandwichs and a nice cold beer.

  2. I'll just respond to Numba 3. I see WAY too many guys with baseball cap on backward, crappy T-shirt, Cargo shorts, Dirty shoes and socks(IF socks) and I think - what kind of woman could be interested in these Dorks? Hell, what kind of guy could be interested in these dorks?

  3. Chris, I might be able to handle 1/4 of the sandwich and a beer, but no more.

  4. Another take
    #3) I see far too many people driving into the sun with their hands in front of their face. Honestly, is a sun visor that hard to figure out?

    #2) I had grown to hate protective packaging, now I'm thankful for it.

  5. Kid, them sun visors is pert near confusin.


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