Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Collected Too Many Libturd Thingies Again

Thanks Facebookers


  1. That first is where the Demos seem to be headed, although 23 co-Presidents is possible.

    And, seriously, that billion seconds doesn't seem so long ago. I can remember seeing the promos for a couple of new Westerns called Laramie and Bonanza and it feels like just a few seconds.

  2. edutcher, I think 23 presidents is allowed in socialism???

    Your memory is pretty good. I'm having trouble remembering what I had for breakfast 15 minutes ago.

  3. A billion seconds is 32.678 years, so that meme must be a little dated (1991)

    But imagine a trillion seconds is 32,678 years. That's a lotta dollar bills.

  4. Odie, you should be careful saving so many Libturd memes at one time. They decompose fast and you'll have a picture folder full of maggots! ;)

  5. Kid, get back here and read that again.

  6. D S, It's only happened once. I always get rid of them after I post them. That's why I've just posted 30 in 24 hours.


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