Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shitholes and Other Liberals

Thanks Fellow F _ _ _ Bookers


  1. Actor James Woods went after the Ozark Mafia over the weekend, calling Willie "Haiti’s devil incarnate".

    (we've known it all along)

    If there's anybody worthy to succeed Trump, it just might be him.

  2. I love the utter honesty in No. 2.

  3. If Hollyweird, the media, and the universities are bashing Trump all the time then I know we're on the right track.

    Keep up the great work, Odie and have a nice day. ☺

  4. edutcher, Whoa Nellie! Let's get through these next 7 years in one piece first.

  5. Sandee, I love it when liberal heads explode.

  6. They are all excellent Odie, but I love the "Trump-Putin-Shithole" meme!
    Stay warm my friend. We are expecting 8 degrees F here in "The Heart of Dixie" in the morning.

  7. Jeffery, Who'd a thunk it would be colder in Dixie that it is at 6000' in the Sierra Nevada Mountains? It's 30 degrees here.

    That last one is also my favorite.


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