Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And This As Liberals Cry About Getting A Tax Cut

Thanks Facebookers


  1. They're all good, but Democrats haven't met the tax they didn't like.

  2. The progressives need to burn their tax returns collectively as a symbol of rage and protest.

    The MSNBC turds are whining about the halcyon days of the Obama Administration when the (DJI) stock market was 5,500 points lower and things were so much better. Sadly there are lemmings who swallow that whole.

  3. It doesn't matter what good Trump does, they will find something bad and dwell on that until we're all sick. Like Russia. Like grabbing you know what. Like racism. Like all the things they really are.

    Have a fabulous day and keep them coming, Odie. ☺

  4. LL, There's no convincing a socialist, that is until they have to live it.

  5. Sandee, you forgot about the with them making it up.


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