Thursday, January 12, 2017

That's Quite A Storm . . . .

Thank You Facebook Friends


  1. Hey Odie.
    It has been a long long time.
    My hubbs just told me that your area is getting 20 feet of snow! I thought I should let you know that.
    Perhaps you can get the great and powerful Amazonian Bezos to drone in some TP, bread and milk, and Rum, and eggs.
    I hope both of you are well.
    I am breathing and happy. I took care of mom and dad for three and a half years, moved them here in 2013 after mom had her stroke, and when she was having the worst rehab in stupid Maryland. So then I moved them here (oh my, I love my mom and dad, I could write a novel) Well, mom got sick in September, and then she died on October 7. It was hard. I was with her and daddy.
    Then, at the end of November,,, Pierro died. That was a huge stab in my heart. Thinking about it makes me very sad.
    So, Happy New Year.
    Sorry about the snow forecast.
    I am living in Northern Virginia 35 miles west of the Cesspool.
    Life in good. The election result was a shock. I bet my husband $5000 that Hillary would win (we always make unrealistic bets) and I am quite pleased to take the title of loser of that bet.
    I have not updated my blog. my email is rosemarybolton at icloud dot com
    I am on Facebook sometimes, at rosemary deleeuw bolton
    I hope you and your wife are doing wondrifical
    Me and my hubbs are. Both of my genius daughters married genius men. My oldest daughter (age 30) had a baby and Sarah is 19 months and hilarious. My youngest daughter (27) is about 2 months pregnant.
    I still have Miles the orange menace. He is nothing like Pierro was. I miss Pierro ever single day
    ~The End~

  2. Oh and, both of my parents: Mom would have been 94 on January 8. My dad is 93. He is adorable and can't hear a flipping thing.
    I am very happy that Trump won.
    lastly, Liberals make me sick

  3. Poor liberals are having major meltdowns. It's lovely to watch. The thing that gets me is they can't figure out how they lost to Trump. Until the face up to that, they will never find out what they are doing wrong.

    Have a fabulous day Odie and stay warm. ☺

  4. Rosemary, It's so great to see you here again. Sorry about Pierro, He was a cool little guy.

    Donner Summit might get 20 feet, but down here at 6000' we got 4 1/2 feet.

  5. Sandee, I never put poor and liberal in the same sentence.


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