Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Here We Go . . . .

The latest toy has hit the shops for Christmas ... A talking Muslim doll.

Nobody knows what the hell it says, because no one has the balls to pull the cord.

Thanks Hal


  1. Would I end up in prison if I mailed one to Barack?

  2. LL you probably would end up in Federal prison if you mailed Oblahblah this doll. Whatever you do don't pull that cord.

    Adrienne is right, it's and ugly and creepy doll.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  3. Oh, c'mon. I've heard them, and the phrases she says are adorable.
    "And It Stoned Me..." sung to the tune of the Van Morrison song.
    "You just hate me 'cause I'm beautiful... under this full-face-covering hijab."
    "I know I look young, but my kids have already taken all the student officer spots at your kid's school."
    "I'd invite you over for cookies, but my neighborhood is a Sharia zone, and you'd be killed! :)"

  4. Pull string.


    Hit deck.

    Just like basic training.

  5. edutcher, are you sure about the time on that string?


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