Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Little Something For Fun . . .

This is the group that has replaced "The Jane Dear Girls" as my
favorite girl group. You've seen them here the last two 
4th of July's with their version of "God Bless the USA". 
I believe that one will be a tradition here at Woodsterman.

Please enjoy . . . .

"Chasing Butterflies" by The Redhead Express


  1. penguins chasing butterfly

  2. They are talented. I agree with you - they are on the way to becoming my favorite girl group too.

  3. 4 redheads in the same band?

    there's a bucketload of crazy going on there. I hope they pay their roadies well LOL

  4. Love them. And my post today mentions butterflies.

    Have a toe tapping day Odie. ☺

  5. GOODSTUFF, how do you keep finding this stuff?

  6. Allen, here's more for you. They are sisters, and when you comment at their YouTube Channel their mother answers you. Very talented family.

  7. Sandee, small world huh toe tapping girl.

  8. Face it, Odie. You thought they were singing about "butter fries", and that's why you liked them!

  9. Proof, after getting on the scale, you must be right.

  10. odie, is the mom a redhead too?

    I've dated enough redhead to know that they're a lot of fun but when they go into crazy mode hide the guns!

    I had one roll over in bed and tell me "I love you, so I have to kill you now". I think my pants are still there, but I'm not going back for them!

  11. Allen, I don't know about the Mom, or I should say I don't remember. She's written comments thanking me for my comments.

    Your pants huh ... was wallet left behind with your address inside?


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