Thursday, March 5, 2015

Leadership Qualifications Checklist

Military Academy Grad ... Check!

Jump Master Qualified ... Check!

Gunship Pilot .... Check!

Special Forces Commander ... Check!

Armored Officer's Advanced Course Grad, Ft Knox ... Check!

Armor Company C.O. ... Check!

Gun sight Academy Grad with Jeff Cooper .. Check!

Scuba Diver ... Check!

Harley Davidson .... Check!

Hot wife ..... Check!

Nice watch ... Check!

A Leader ... Triple Check!!!


Jordan's King Abdullah.

Boy King Obama
Sad when a Foreign Monarch is more American 
than the current tenant in the White House.

Thanks David


  1. There's not much American about Nobama. He's more Middle Eastern than American. Perhaps he should go live there? Wouldn't hurt my feelings any.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  2. The contrast couldn't be starker! No wonder that the world has zero respect for Obama. He is President Zero!

    1. AOW, that is one of the better names for our Boy King.

    2. I call him King Tootwhencummin.

  3. Like Netanyahu.

    funny how guts is the last thing you think of when it comes to Selfie.

  4. Did someone Photoshop the training wheels off Obama's bicycle?

    1. Proof, I made the mistake of getting this from a liberal site.

  5. he's also a huge star trek much so he got himself written into an episode as an extra, and planned a star trek theme park in jordan.

  6. I'll bet he can throw a baseball too…

  7. He's what you want when you need an adult to be in charge.

  8. If I weren't against monarchies in this country, I'd start a petition drive to adopt King Abdullah as our leader!

  9. Of all olf these the only one Obama would add to resume is KING!


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