Monday, September 30, 2013

Neil Cavuto Discusses Fox News, Obamacare, and the President

Well, there's a little time left to sign the "Dontfundit" Petition.
Please click on it on the top of my sidebar. Our goal should be
to make every politician think twice about singing the praises
of ObamaCare. We especially need to make those RINO's 
very uncomfortable. 

I salute the PEOPLE that Washington has forgotten!


  1. I wish we could forget some of these RINO sellouts that easily. We need to "shut down" the Congress for six months to a year and give the nation a chance to really recover from bad leadership.

  2. Bad leadership indeed. The worst ever and I feel being done on purpose. Shut the government down and see how fast they gets things done. Worst president since Jimmy Carter. He's worse than Carter.

    I ♥Fox News♥!

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Sandee, Obama fears the strangest things, the American People, Fox News, and Ted Cruz. Is it any wonder I call him the boy king.

  4. Morning young man, what are you doing up so early, if I didn't have to be up, I wouldn't........;-)

  5. Mikey, fooled you. I usually prepost these for 3:00am for my East Coast readers.

  6. Obamacare is not carved in granite. Seems like I recall even constitutional amendments being over-turned.

  7. Ron, when the boy king speaks I ignore.


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