Monday, September 24, 2012

Mucho Posto Mondayo

Above is stolen from Lee at Vanden Brinks Blog (LINK)

Thanks Dan !

This is a salute to Jan at Diogenes' Middle Finger.
Happy "Fishnet Friday" on Monday. (LINK)

 This last one STOLEN from RR at
the Reaganite Republican (LINK)



  1. Bernanke looks like he's have way too much fun.

  2. That Bernanke window shot is priceless.

  3. We will all need wheelbarrows to hold the cash to purchase a loaf of bread if these criminals do not stop printing worthless paper.

  4. Randy, it is great ... that's why I stole it.

  5. Opie, put that wheelbarrow under his window.

  6. Oblamer and thief. I wish I could laugh Odie, but it's too darned sad to laugh. We can't stay on the same path for four more years.

    Have a terrific day my friend. :)

  7. Like Randy I like that shot of Bernanke. Suiting for framing if I can copy---always have a problem with those. What's the secret?

  8. Poor girl just has an itch.

    Maybe some kind gentleman will loan her a scratcher.

    As for the rest, #1 reminds me of the old poster for alternate recruiting slogans for the Army.

    Liked that one better.

    But a grand assemblage, sir. And Bernanke is right on the money.

    Or off it, as you prefer.

  9. Ron, the secret is to post it in the "Original Size" in the blogger post photo uploader.

  10. Yes, the Bernanke one is great! I thought I liked the one before it but my glasses fogged up again...


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