Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Today is Libturd Tuesday ~ PM


Thanks FBers


  1. As well as a (full size) GI Joe when I was a kid I also played with my sister's old Barbies. Joe had to have someone to rescue and then she had to be grateful for the rescue. Probably got that stuff from the Bond movies. At age 5 I just didn't "get it".

  2. If that last one had happened, we wouldn't be faced with all the stupidity we are faced with now...
    Love the first 6 in particular. That's a pretty smart dog. And the gallows need to be bigger. Much bigger.
    I could do without Schwab, also.
    Thanks, Odie.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  3. Right about the 5 year old, right about the system, although it's gonna take more than a little rope and a little wood.

    PS Some of The Slob's confrères are talking about 7 billion people being "reset". Frankly, the world would be better if the Davos crowd was reset.

  4. How does one earn the title of Dr. and still be that stupid?

    1. grayjohn, pay your $500,000.00 tuition, worth 50 cents, on time.


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