Friday, October 16, 2020

Fun Friday Morning


Thanks FB Peeps


  1. OMG - you've got me nailed today. I would so be that little boy at that age (actually I was - drove my mom to distraction.) And the clothes? When I was bitty kid and a total slob, my mom gifted me with a cork bulletin board. For some reason I thought thumb tacking my clothes to the board was a good way to handle the mess. My mom thought it was hilarious. My dad? Not so much.

  2. Adrienne, I don't think I got that far. My mother was glad if I got my clothes to the hamper. She would wash fold and put them away. That is until I was a teen.

  3. Small town everywhere, the old biddies are keeping track! I wouldn't listen to Taylor Swift if my crotch was on fire and her tear filled voice was the only thing to douse the flames. I was called "Dick" one time even though my name is Kevin... and she asked nicely too.


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