Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The NFL Darling ~ Colin Kaepernick ~ One

Thanks Skip


  1. Q: Whut do Monica Lewinski and Colin Kaepernick have in common?
    A: No one knew who either one wuz until they got on their knees!

    The MFL truly needs a serious Colin-Oscopy!

  2. Mac, yeah but at least you got something when Monica got on hers.

  3. Odie, I'd be interested to know where you got the "America is good, taste it" meme. I mean, when I created it back in 2016, it had a copyright and my email address on it.
    Flattery is the sincerest form of flattery. Taking credit for other people's work is not cool.

  4. Proof, I remember that and forgot it was originally yours. I got it on Facebook. Would like me to remove it?

  5. No, we're good! For some reason, I expect better from Conservatives. Yet, somewhere, there are people that see a meme skewering liberals and say to themselves, "That's great!" and erase the name of whoever made it and put their own name on it.
    I've had it happen to me maybe half a dozen times (that I know of). One guy who stole my stuff even stole a cartoon from Michael Ramirez, stripped off the name and tried to pass it off as his own! The nerve of some people!

  6. Proof, I prefer to post such things with the author's name on it. It's even better if there's a URL.


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