Thursday, July 23, 2020

Libturds, And . . . . Good Morning

Thanks Skip!

Well, because of my semi absence, you may have been
able to tell I wasn't at Woodsterman Headquarters.
This photo should tell you that I was on one of my
semi-annual R&R Trips. As you read this I'm heading
back to normal.


  1. edutcher, yes. Woodsterman's normal.

  2. Dan, I have redneck tan lines at my age. In my yute it was swimming trunks tan lines from surfing. Those days are loooong gone.

    It was very hot here, but there was AC in the casino and the motorhome.

  3. Normal is only a setting on the dryer...

  4. Don't you have a bandanna tan line now?

  5. Cederq, What was meant was posting from home.

  6. Cederq, I only where a mask where I have to to enter a business. Sooo, no indoor tan line.


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