Thursday, November 21, 2019

Gather Round For Libturd Thursday 1

Thanks Facebooksters


  1. The last 2.

    The last, really, but the other is probably true, too.

  2. Calling all hard-working, under-appreciated sumbitchs. I stand with you. #KAG

  3. edutcher, Adam Schiff seems to be enjoying it. What do you think Soros is paying him?

  4. And the farmers and ranchers. I listened to some yuppies mocking the Louisiana Swamp People once. I told them if the economy or civil society collapses I'd sure rather hang out with Troy Landry in the swamp than with them in the city, because they'll be panicking and shrieking hysterically, unable to do anything.

  5. Alligator, you are so right. Rednecks Rule!


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