Thursday, June 27, 2019

Libturd Thursday and The Folder Overflowith

This Emptied the Folder!

Thanks Facebookies


  1. First, maybe the descendants of slaves should pay reparations to the families of Union soldiers who set them free.

    And the one with the concentration camps needs a pic of all the corpses lying in piles.

    Just to drive home the point.

  2. edutcher, it's very difficult to convince a lib that their latest cause is PURE NONSENSE!

  3. Straw Poll - Who won Round 2 of the Democratic Debate? UPDATE Live Stream added!

  4. So Good. and the fascists showing up at Sturgis?? Oh My. Yes, count me in for the pay per view, the first I've ever done.

  5. commoncents, you're a braver man than I. I have not watched one second, and plan on keeping it that way. I know exactly what they stand for, and choose to keep my blood pressure from rising.

  6. Kid, I thought I might treat some snowflakes to that pay-per-view.


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