Thursday, March 21, 2019

How About A Guest Cartoonist Plus Some Libturd Memes

The cartoonist, NITZAKHON, ask if I would post
the above cartoon.  I am honored to do so. 

Here's a LINK to his blog.
I love the name of your blog. It says a lot
about who you are.


Thanks for the Memes Jim


  1. Odie:

    Thank you so much for posting the cartoon; in full disclosure I'm not the artist. The CONCEPT is mine, as are the other cartoons the same guy has done for my blog, but that level of art skill is far beyond me after my one art class ruined any interest I had in drawing.

    Hopefully your readers come to take a look. I've got what I think are some great essays...

    Be well fellow patriot.

  2. Good cartoon and, if anybody's ready for the trash can, it's Beta.

  3. Beto is a pure beta male and I have absolutely no sympathy for his idiocy. This is what you get when you scrape the bottom of the chamber pot, BUT the quote about the elderly and veterans is false according to politifact. Just thought you would want to know as I did before I put it on FB and got chastised. I love your blog.

  4. Same thing on the AOC - hot dog on a stick meme. Not trying to be a a'hole and I don't care if you leave it up, it's funny as hell, but untrue. Hot Dog On A Stick, the company says she never worked for them.

  5. NITZAKHON, well you make a great team then ... LOL.

  6. edutcher, let's put a lid on that can before it stinks up the place.

  7. Unknown, I don't trust "Politifact" ... so there ... LOL!

  8. Unknown, don't you worry your pretty little head about that, I'm leaving them up.

  9. let see you have one Angus cow (black cow and three Charlois White cows)

  10. A few more. My ideas, his artwork.

  11. Sabre22, oh you like them too ... LOL.

  12. 2 comments....
    1) LOL!
    2) Yikes !


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