Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cleaning Up The Old Desktop Funday

Thanks for your giving ways my FB Buddies.


  1. Guess he didn't have the meat, after all.

    And, yes, they do sound very much alike.

  2. edutcher, the older one gets the more they sound alike.

  3. Re: standing in line to get shot with that airgun vaccine thingie was a topic of conversation among four of us who recently got together for a wee reunion. Hilarious now, seemed pretty darned fucked up at the time.

    Re: the McDonald's apple pie thing... I have a coworker buddy and we were on our way back from solve in some customer problem, just before Thanksgiving, and were passing a place renowned for their pies. So we stopped in. I wanted an apple and a pumpkin. He wanted an apple and a cherry. While we waited in the very long line a woman about 3 people behind us was pissing and moaning about how long she needed to wait to get one lousy apple pie. She was relentlessly obnoxious with a thick Brooklyn accent.

    I was in front of my buddy and when it was finally my turn I got my pies and stepped aside. My buddy then stepped up and ordered one cherry pie and asked, "how many apples do you have left?: to which the answer, after a few moments to look back and count, was "six". "I'll take them all." He then handed out the ones he didn't want to people in line other than the obnoxious woman. She had a fit but he just said, "I don't want you to have one my pies" and batted his eyelids at her. I stood there dumbfounded - in an approving way.


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