Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Making Fun Of Libturds Tuesday

Thanks Facebook Buddies

(All you sending material, be patient with me. I've been so
busy in real life, I've been taking the easy way out. Thank 
you T-Bone, Jim, Dan, Hal, David, and Brig.)


  1. The first and the last.


    And it really hands me a laugh that nobody had the nerve to inform our little emperor and philosopher king that bowing while shaking hands in an incredible gaucherie.

  2. That first one is one of my most hated things about some women - the whole squealing, eyes wide open, mouth agape thingy when they spy a friend. It makes me want to smack them up side the head. Ladies - keep your damn mouths shut! So tacky!

  3. I love them all. I linked this post to Tuesday Fun.

    Have a fabulous day, Odie and keep up the great work. ☺

  4. Well I must say you had a variety of posts for both sides of the coin so to speak.

  5. edutcher, Yeah, and it's not cool either.

  6. Adrienne thank for the great advice from our very own Adrienne Emily Post ... What a gal!

  7. Ida, I lean more right so I love to make fun of the left. It's also very easy to do. Glad you enjoyed it. Come back real soon, here.


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