Wednesday, March 21, 2018

President Trump and the Secret Service

President Trump is walking out of the White House and heading toward his limo, when a possible assassin steps forward and aims a gun.

A secret service agent, new on the job, shouts, “Mickey Mouse!” This startles the would be assassin and he is captured.

Later, the secret service agent’s supervisor takes him aside and asks, “What in the world  made you shout Mickey Mouse?”

Blushing, the agent replies, “I got nervous. I meant to shout Donald.... duck!”

Thanks Dan


edutcher said...

I love it.

Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha. I love it too.

Have a fabulous day, Odie. ☺

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in a parallel universe:
President Hillary Clinton leaves the WH and heads towards her limo. Propped up by three secret service agents. The 4th one is carrying all her braces, splints, and Depends.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Chish, would that make us all proud. The thought of it burns my eyes.

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