Saturday, March 25, 2017

Beer Temperatures ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

How to tell the Correct Temperature of Beer.
For the true and discriminating aficionado, a glass of the finest beer should only be partaken if it is the correct temperature.

The subtle nuance of the melded grains....., the fragile and fleeting taste of the brewers art.....,can only be truly appreciated if that golden elixir is properly chilled.
To this end, advanced studies candidates in theGraduate Engineering Department of MIT have developed an easy to use, fully portable Beer Temperature Tester, which very accurately determines whether the beverage is acceptably chilled or not.

To test the beer, simply insert the tester into the glasses shown below:
After the tester has been immersed for a period of
Not less than fifteen seconds, remove probes and observe.
 The beer on the left is the correct temperature!
The rope test

This test was designed to help older men stay mentally fit.
Its a simple counting game; just count the number of turns the rope
makes - I stopped at 2367, because dinner was ready.

 Check Below:

Thank You Dan!


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