Saturday, October 31, 2009

A K-9 Halloween


  1. This was so funny! Happy Halloween, Odie!
    I couldn't sleep and I found a cute vid for my blog, I'm glad I didn't see this one first.

    I might have to link you later, when I'm more in the mood to do technical stuff....yesterday was a looooooog day! Trick or Treat!
    Now I know what actually happens with the ole'set a bag on fire w/poo in it trick!

  2. Bunni, I knew you were up quite early, or you didn't sleep at all.

    Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween to you today. Good poo trick ... huh?

  3. LOL, VERY cute! Revenge-doggy.

  4. Too bad he didn't leave that bag on Obama's doorstep.

  5. Dr. Dave, it just takes a little training.


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