Monday, October 12, 2009

The Internet Is For ..... (sing along)


  1. It's funny cause it's true!

  2. I've been singing this since I posted it. "the internet is for porn" now with feeling!

  3. I know he's right Dr. Dave "The internet is for porn" ... (now with feeling) "THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN".

  4. For Porn... ha ha.
    I had to remove that one squirrel video because it directed everyone to a porn site. How dare they pimp my sweet little warriors like that.
    The new one is not you all will probably
    not like it.

    I thought the internet was for ragging on obama.

  5. I'm singing as fast as I can.

  6. Bunni, but did it get you singing like Nickie and me ?

    Nickie, "THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN" ...


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