Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Single Payer System ... staring BO


  1. ya but Snarky, it's a great tune ...

  2. The UK National Health Service was created 50 years ago by nationalising pre-existing charitable and religious health services that were available to 95%+ of the population (often through Union dues).
    It was launched on a huge wave of public goodwill but has slowly gone downhill ever since, swamped by the biggest beaurocracy in Europe, the only institutions that employ more people are the Chinese Red Army and the Indian Railways.

    It is financed by theft of income called National Insurance.

    Its main policy is 'rationing by waiting list'; things are pretty good on the front line but they make you wait ages before getting there in the hopes that you get better, go private or just die.

    Daily disaster updates here

    ps, nice tune.

  3. Banned, it can't be that bad (he says holding his nose). Obama won't treat us badly ... would he ???


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