Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a Lumberjack


  1. Lady, One of the favorites at Woodsterman.

  2. I first watched this some 30 years ago. Thanks for the blast to the past.

    Watching Monty Python all these years explains a lot about me...and you Odie.

  3. Euripides, Monty Python has always been a staple in this house. Throw in a little Benny Hill with it and I'm in heaven.

  4. I used to be allowed to stay up 'late' to watch MP on sunday night @9pm when it first aired on the then great BBC.
    My dad never got the point (which was the point).
    This sketch was a longlasting favorite for re-enactment in the school playground, and sometimes classroom, even, much later, down the pub.


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