Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Skiparoo Wednesday Morning


Thanks Skip


  1. So long, Kohl's. And how many Rs were surveyed?

  2. The Democrats have ruined America, and there isn’t any Question about it!
    Yet they keep garnering more votes and winning. I am simply lost for words:
    I guess that the Transgenders and Ungrateful Illegals are more important than the American Citizens who've been working hard and paying into the system for their entire lives.
    And here are some of the reasons why!
    Liberal Cities are unlivable. San Fran, LA, NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis. Pharmacies and stores are closing their doors and leaving. Police officers are resigning at record rates. Businesses are exiting. Crime wave, homeless, drugs. It’s awful.
    The Southern Border continues to be a complete disaster. Fentanyl and illegals pouring in and the Biden administration turns a blind eye.
    Biden’s Inflation remains a major issue. In MA, one cannot go grocery shopping for four and spend less than $400 a week. Not to mention the price of fuel, medicine, insurance, and clothing. Savings rates are at an all time low. Credit card debt is at an all time high. Home Equity loans are barely an option due to the interest rate spikes. People are taking 401k money out early to survive.
    The war in Ukraine continues and we keep funding it when we have major issues locally. China is sitting back and laughing as we fall deeper and deeper into debt and soon they will invade Taiwan.
    We are seeing Women voting against their self interests. The Trans athletes are taking sports from biological women. And the left shrugs. Companies like Bud endorse this weird Trans obsession. Drag queens are Reading to children. Gay porn is available in libraries in the teen section. Teachers stating it’s normal to change one’s the gender. What the HELL?!
    Yet they constantly cry over gun control but don’t present a solution and were more upset that the killer in TN was misgendered than the fact at SHE killed six people, three of whom were children.
    They applaud the weak non case against Trump not understanding that New York City is spending millions on this charade as violent criminals roam the streets and harming our Citizens, .
    They support reparations where people who never owned slaves should pay money to people who were never slaves, nor did their parents, or even Grandparents!. .
    We are seeing our Major banks are literally failing under their policies. But they are more focused on DEI than on corporate governance and risk management.

    And yet they keep winning in both local and national elections. I am at a loss for words.
    This country is lost. I feel terrible for my beautiful daughters. I do not see how this doesn’t end in another civil war. I can’t see anything else in our future!

    1. in my own opinion you want a soap box then get vour own fucking blog!!! Damn I feel better

  3. The demonrats and RINOs cheat and get away with it.
    But at least the first one gave me a little chuckle.
    Thank you, Odie. Hope the wife is still doing well!
    You all be safe and God bless.


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