Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday Is For Libturds

Yes, this must mean one of my famous R&Rs

Thanks Facebookers

Yes Boys and Girls, another R&R has come to a close. As you read this I'm probably driving the motorhome in the direction of home. As tradition would have it, the internet sucked. Why someone would use a 5 MPS  system for 105 sites is a mystery to me. I'm here twice a year and chew them out everytime. It doesn't go down like it used to plus it's now a secure system, but it's just sooo slooow. 

Anywoo ... things will be back to normal after today.


  1. Love your posts,
    I feel your pain on the terrible connection issues at RV sites.
    My wonderful wife fixed it though...
    She found a "Hot Spot" device that connects to cell phone service and provides our own secure wifi. It is great because we turn it on when we get to the camp site, turn it off when we leave and only pay for the time and data we use when camping. While the initial cost was more than the "free" campsite wifi, being able to connect and use it when we want has been worth the cost.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. Pancho Vanilla and the last one, but kudos to those 3 girls.

  3. All good but that last one is worth the price.

  4. MSG Grumpy, When it gets really slow, I'll use my hotspot on my iPhone.

  5. You and I are always on the same page where politics are concerned.

    Have a fabulous day, Odie. 😎

  6. Sandee, I'm thinking there is only one right page.


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