Thursday, September 24, 2009

The New Woodsterman

I really wanted more of a masculine look for my blog.
Helping others get more width from their blogs gave
me the confidence to dive into this design. It took
30 minutes to complete after practicing on my 
practice blog ... yes, I have a practice blog.


  1. Hi Odie!
    Great new look! If you would be so kind, when you have time, can you email me how to do it?
    I have the template set up, and I don't know how to make mine wider.

    I'll email you tonight also about problems I have w/ getting text to go under or above pics. Off to work now to be tortured by clueless clowns.

  2. Looking good, real good. A practice blog, that's a hell of an idea. I usually just start cutting and pasting, but I keep my fingers crossed, so I got that going for me.

  3. Seriously, the practice blog really does the trick. I can do anything to it first so I know exactly what will happen at the real blogs.

    Freatster, that's where I made all those photos for you ... that you didn't want.

    Kidding aside, It was so easy this morning ... 30 minutes tops!

  4. It's about time you tidied up!

  5. Nickie, a blogger housekeeper's work is never done.

  6. Odie: Thanks for your help, I'll check out what I have. You are a great guy! I love this new design.
    You also gave me a great idea of making a practice blog. I think I"ll set me up one of those Tomorrow.
    I'm going to veg out in front of the tv now. Work was so tiring.

    Then when I get home, you are so right, a blogger's work is never done....I've been neglecting my housework too...hee hee. Well, you're lucky you have your wife to help out, my fish are LAZY. Nite Nite. AB

  7. Sorry again Wood, if I ever ask you how to do something again just ask me if I tried the easiest solution, it tends to be the one I overlook.

  8. FS ... It was said in jest. I did get those photos like I said, but they're ready for anyone that needs them now. It was quite easy to do.

    Sorry about my teasing.

  9. AB ... we'll talk in the morning about getting that blog wider.

  10. Woodsterman, your the MAN! hee hee
    Thanks for your help! Snapshot is a cool template.
    PS. I've added you to my blogroll, I thought I did before. PS: God Bless ;-)


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