Friday, May 22, 2009

Dangerous Butterfly


  1. Mikey, thank you. That's from when google hosted the videos (really small) themselves. YouTube did a better job, so google bought them.

  2. Hey Odie :-)
    I've just recently found your blog through a mutual friend.... "Mikey" funny you call him that ;D

    As a fairly new blogger, I like to find interesting sites that work in some way, and maybe glean something that fits for me, and can help improve my blog. With that said, I'd like to say thank you, I found a gem in yours ;-)

    BTW, Love the woodworking
    Like Mikey said: Damn good work..... ;-)

  3. MissK, huh ... so you mean there's a chance.

    Oh angry is just so ... well, angry. I like fun the people I like.

    Did I mention I love your avatar?

  4. There's always a chance Odie ;-)

    You know, we're gonna ruin his "reputation" LOL I still call him Angry, because he is, for the right reasons, and I appreciate that :-)

    You just did, Thank you. Yours is kinda, well, appropriate?? In a totally skewed kinda way of course ;-)

  5. MissK, ;-) ... Did I mention I love your avatar?

    Mikey's tough, I'll bet he can handle anything. And trust me, I'm as angry as he is about the same things, but my job is being the class clown which I love.

    My avatar represents a Patriotic Dirty Old Man ... how'd I do with that?

  6. Mmm hmmm... LOL

    I know you are :-)
    One of the reason I love hanging around you guys, you actually stand for something. And I must agree, you do the class clown thing very well ;-)

    Patriotic Dirty Old Man? Yep, check that... Actually I went lurking before I commented and that's exactly what I was referring to ;-)

  7. MissK, It's fun meeting in the back pages of my blog. I never get to do it because the moderation scares the spammers away.

    Lurking is encouraged. That's why I have the pages at the top too.

    You have been added to the Rule5 list. I usually post those at 3:00AM Saturday Mornings.

    I'm probably the tamest of the group that branches out from Wirecutter. I sent you an email so you didn't have to comment here if you didn't want at this four year old post.

  8. Tamest? LOL

    Thanks for adding me to your Rule5 list Odie :-)

    But I am curious, why 3AM??

  9. MissK, Tamest = No nudity. You're Welcome!

    I prepost just about everything. 3:00AM, because the people on the east coast can read my new post at 6:00AM before going to work. See ... there's a reason for everything here. What time in the morning would you read it? I believe Wirecutter lives just down the hill from me, as does Proof Positive.

  10. Oh I see :-)

    Prepost, okay gotcha... I was wondering if you were a night owl like myself. More so during the winter months. It's more interesting to get up early when the weather is nice. No set time for me. Randomness is pretty much a guarantee ;-)

  11. That butterfly was very dangerous. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺


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