Wednesday, October 8, 2014

25 Predictions ~ Here Are The Third 5

Thanks David


  1. Oh these are good Odie. I'm looking forward to them each day. These folks just got it oh so wrong.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Wise people -- they should have all been politicians.

  3. Maxim forgot about the levee en masse (too bad, like most Euros, he wasn't watching the Civil War); the King of Prussia forgot time is money.

    As for computers, well, they needed the Internet.

  4. LL's on the money!

    The 1977 prediction of computers was utterly inane, since by then, I'd already built a couple of (very) limited computers and immediately saw the possibilities for their use in text editing and in math calculations. The possibility of gaming was there in 1977 as well.

  5. Edutcher, the internet did the trick.

  6. Euripides, shoot I didn't get my Commodore 64 until 1985.

  7. I built an Imsai 8080 when they first came out in 1975.

  8. There are always weapons that will make war impossible until the next one comes along.

  9. I will take the horse over the train...

  10. Er, hate to point out but No. 13 is wrong.

    The usual 'black tarry lung' pic is a fake (they usually use a pic of pneumoconiosis/coal-miners lung as it fits the narrative), having worked in transplant I can say smokers lungs are as pink as everyone elses (and often used in transplants too).

    As to causes of lung cancer? Well, unless you believe the new puritans, it does play "only a minor role". Lung cancer rates and life expectancy in smokers vs non-smokers are essentially identical (statistically, the only 'research' showing otherwise is that produced/funded by anti-smoking groups).

    Cause 'is' genetic and (probably) viral. Remember all that 'pipes cause mouth cancer'? Well no, it's just been shown that pipe smokers are just more likely to perform oral sex and so get exposed to HPV which ... causes mouth cancer, Duh!

    The 'smoking causes everything from cancer to alopecia' meme has just been an example of 'tell a big enough lie for long enough and it'll be believed' is all.

    Not saying it's good for you, bronchitis/emphysema rates are way up but then it reduces risk of Alzheimers/Parkinsons by >50% (seriously, check the research, it'll be hidden in the appendices or in a graph at best) and it's the gold standard treatment for IBS and Crohns.

    Sorry! I just hate the assumption that what they say is true, even by people who distrust (sensibly) absolutely everything else they say.

    Carefully climbing off my soap-box now.


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