Monday, March 8, 2010

A Comment Left At Jim McMahon's Blog

Here is a comment left at Jim McMahon's blog by a very angry Liberal.
I'm posting it here, in its entirety, with Jim's permission. This guy is
so full of hate. I'm also putting a link back to Jim's post here.

Comment as follows :

John King said... Never been to your site before. I thought you were maybe Jim McMahon, former Bears quarterback. Wow, what a disappointment. My thoughts on you and your sad little diatribes here:

1) You are a real asshole, and a complete fucking joke of a man. Your tough guy shtick is very much lost on me and probably anyone with half of a brain. Did you go to high school? Can you do arithmetic in your head? Patriot Guard? American Grand Jury? Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking serious? Saturday Night Live couldn't make up shit that was more ridiculous. You guys actually get together and do stuff under these umbrellas? What a giant circle jerk for a bunch of reactive nutjobs. I hope you guys have a great time at your little jagoff meetings. Sounds like a lot of fun.

2) You are a disgrace to the fine City of Chicago, and the great United States of America.

3) Take your racist head and shove up all three generations of your doubtlessly horrid and equally racist family history. Oh right, you're not racist. You think anyone's buying that shit you're selling? Your racism is thinly veiled at best, and horribly atrocious at worst. With your name I am presuming you are Irish, like myself. Do you not realize that your own people were subjected to the same hatreds that you now project upon the President of our own country? Do you know what a mick is? A narrowback? A Paddy? That's you, pal. Just a hundred years removed. You'd think white people would get over their fear of black people at some point. Many or most have. You instead have decided to stockpile firearms and breathe hatred, the hatred of 400 years of oppression on our soil. You sad little man. Oh right, you're not racist. Sorry.

4) Barack Obama is a thousand times the man you ever wish you could be. I'm no huge Obama supporter, but give me a fucking break. You think you have anything to say about Barack Obama that matters? I wouldn't dare say half this shit that you say about a man clearly superior in intellect and accomplishment. How many classes you teach at University of fucking Chicago? How many political offices have you held? Have you ever even been to Washington DC? Oh wait - the NRA Christmas Cruise doesn't stop in DC anymore. For parity's sake, other similar men of equal note include John McCain and Mitt Romney. I am no partisan hack. I just respect men when they deserve it. You sir have no such respect and deserve the same lack of respect in return.
6) It is very frightening that you are a member of an organization so vital to the public health. I hope that your more deserving and certainly more human Fire Department colleagues don't decide to leave you behind in a burning building one day. I herald all things great about the City of Chicago, including our brave and valorous Fire Department. But even such a grand organization will contain losers, apparently. You are one such loser, sir. I feel sorry for you.

7) Keep on keeping on. "People" like you provide the entertainment I need to keep laughing through this wonderful life I have. Needless to say that life was given to me by my parents - and not by any god that you propose to believe in. You moron.

-John King, 29 years old
Chicago, IL
johnwking -AT- gmail -DOT- -COM-


  1. Okay, if that wasn't a diatribe filled with hate than I don't know what is. That is a perfect example of the hateful, looney, nutjob Left that hasn't got a clue because he's got his head so far up his ass.

  2. John King is not a nice man.

    But this is heartening. When the lefties feel their plans falling apart, they lash out. This is really great news!

  3. I dropped a little note off at Jim's blog. I hope he posts it.. heh.

  4. This is too funny. I can't imagine leaving a message like that on any blog, even if I didn't agree with it.

    Can't they argue with facts?

  5. Hi Opie, Good skiing ? I think this guy is so full of hate his head doesn't work right.

  6. Soloman, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Conservative Girl, Is this your first visit here ? Thank You for dropping by. Someone so full of hate should try to gather his thoughts and state facts. It just might lead to conversation.

  8. We should sell his email address to Nigerian spammers and pornbots.

  9. Trolls, there are no escaping them!
    PS: Congrats on your award!

  10. John King - nasty, Lefty, 29 year-old, brainwashed, fuckwit without a clue. Jim McMahon obviously rattled this little troll's cage, Odie.

    The venom in his comment only shows how desperate they are becoming as they see the Dear Leader's power slipping away.

    Great idea from Snarky - I do like that!

  11. Odie, I don't know if you've been keeping up, but John King left a reply to us, and I shot one back at him. I couldn't help myself.. he's such an easy target...

  12. Spidey, you have a way of putting things so well. Yes, Snarky has a great idea.

  13. Soloman, I haven't looked in 24 hours. I'll get over there soon. I'm kind of letting you go with it. You write much better than I do.


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