Friday, October 14, 2011

NewsBusted 10/14/11 ~

As you know I'm in the Gold Country for a few days ... 
Dudes and Dudettes, I found some "Occupiers". Yup, here 
in Nevada City. There were about ten very smelly, 
dred-locked (not cleaned in a year), Deer in a head light 
looking,  20ish looking kids. My wife (a very, I'm 
ashamed to say, apathetic person) asks, "why are you 
looking at them like "THAT" "? I just roll my eyes and Say, 
"The hippy craze was 45 years ago ... and what stupid M-Fer 
is going to "occupy" redneck country?"


  1. I just love the way she bashes 0bama.

    Those flea baggers are stinking up Jacksonville too. It just shows that there is stupid everywhere!

  2. I sure love it up there in the mountains, but there's always some stoner trash wandering around anyplace nice in NoCal... could have been worse, if you'd have gone to, say, Big Sur lol

  3. Speaking of those ole hippies, I remember when they were young and happen to stumble into southwest Mississippi---big mistake. Of course they didn't have GPS in those days. We sent some on their way a pound or two short of HAIR. I'm not making a joke---just the way it was where I lived, in the very rural south. We watched on the tube as they spit on our troops returning from Nam and when the opportunity presented itself--well!!!!!

  4. Ron, we coming back from Nam thank you!

  5. These Fleabags are even worse then the hippies in Woodstock. At least they did the dirty-work in the woods.


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