Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally Something We Can Use ...

First came the commemorative coins,

Then the T-shirts, and then the plates.

Now, something for the rest of us... 


Use Caution...it will irritate your ass!


  1. That's a good one, are they really selling it? Or, did you photoshop it. Anyway, I wouldn't want that freak anywhere near my ass.

    They should make poop pick up bags w/ his face on it!

  2. Bunni, the photo was sent to me this way. It's my wish it's really out though. A doggie poop bag would be a great addition.

  3. This one could make it round the world, Woody!

    I bet Spidey can turn it into a Brown @rsewipe!

  4. Fausty, we'll see what Spidey does with it.

  5. How about I just tear a few sheets off and flush them every day, just for the hell of it?

  6. Snarky, I think that's a great idea.


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